Meet the team behind Prepear

The team behind Prepear are a group of friends who came together to deliver a product we love. 

We stumbled across the Korean Pear and the concept of Prepear, which was the only successful item on a long list of ‘hangover cures’ that we tried. 

As a group who enjoys the occasional night out, we have experienced every type of hangover. We tried Prepear and realised it significantly reduced the impact from a night out. As a result, we got ourselves together to start Prepear Drink Company.

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Our values


We work hard, love to enjoy ourselves and got sick of the consequences.


Prepear is effective – this is the basis for our business. Our ingredients and the science behind their benefits is as real as a rough morning.


Prepear will not solve one problem by adding to another. In other words, from start to finish, Prepear focuses on zero waste, carbon neutrality and with a commitment to invest profits into the future wellbeing of our society.

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