The super fruit that will change your life

The Korean pear is not your ordinary pear. They have been cultivated as a food for over 3000 years. Unlike the European varieties we are used to, the Korean pear is round in shape and is incredibly crisp and juicy.

Because the Korean pear is much more difficult than other fruits to pick and transport, they are traditionally given as gifts to guests in Korean culture.

The juice of a Korean pear is incredibly light, sweet and extremely refreshing.

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Your brain and liver's new best friend

The Oriental Raisin Tree is native to Eastern Asia but has been introduced to other countries around the world for its ornamental looks and it’s delicious fruit.

The tree grows berries on a distinctive looking edible stem. These stems ripen into a delicious sweet and sticky food that tastes just like raisins! In addition to being eaten straight off the tree, these stems are made into a drinks such as a juice or a tea.

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